Very talented guy, and good friend. Check him out!

dylan cole
Matte painter extraordinaire! I owe you large, man! Thx!!

chris stoski
Matte painting supervisor at ILM - impressive!

Yet another French artist, who is phenomenal!

jessy veilleux
Terrific matte painter/illustrator - just keeps getting better!

yannick dusseault

brett northcutt
ILM talent on display -great stuff!

richard bluff
Yes, more ILM talent - these guys rock!

Premier forum for creatives.

frederick st-arnault
Concept artist and matte painter, and another friend hailing from Montreal.

mathieu raynault
Stellar matte painter - I was priveledged to work with him on Prince of Persia.

sean samuels
Talented matte painter and concept artist, and good friend.

raphael lacoste
Art director at Ubisoft - very talented and great to work with!

An amazing talent... met him in Austin - great guy, check him out!

Very generous and humble guy in Paris, with mad skillz!